Meet The Team

Meet the People Behind Dunn Purdy & Co.

Dunn Purdy & Co. was created by Jessica Dunn and Masumi Purdy in July, 2016. Jessica Dunn was Rookie of the Year (2014) her first year and grew fast. She felt the business of real estate was moving to the world of teams. She envisioned building a business that could help many families with their real estate needs. Giving these families the “concierge service” she desired, and what her clients deserved was going to require a few more hands on deck. Jessica is a technology driven, “new age” Realtor and a social media influencer. She tries to stay a step ahead of the curve and use tactics that most people aren’t utilizing when buying and selling homes.

Masumi Purdy has a passion for people, a creative mind and a work ethic that just won’t quit. Her business instantly became a reality and her passion for helping people could not be ignored; catapulting her into production right away. Masumi comes with out of the box marketing, friendships that last and a true deep down care for every person she helps. Her energy and integrity cannot be matched.

They had a vision to become the go to team that you think of first when buying, selling, investing or anything real estate related. That vision has become a reality. The partnership was almost instant and without question, complimentary to each other. They believe in building the relationships it takes to trust them completely in guiding you along your journey. No matter if that is buying, selling or investing.

They are the future of Real Estate. They are also real people… allowing your experiences to be genuine and enjoyable. They want you to feel as if buying or selling is among the easier things in life. They want you to enjoy the process, laughing a little along the way. They feel the most important thing to you is the most important thing to them.

We are Dunn Purdy & Co.